The Company

Technogel® has long been invigorating everyday experiences with cool cushioning and superior ergonomic support—from wheelchairs and medical treatments, to cycling, sitting, walking, and sleeping. We’re passionate about revolutionizing everyday experiences. And we continue our tradition of innovation so you can live healthier, happier, and more inspired. Now we share our inspiration with you: the benefits that only Technogel® can provide, to help you enjoy life made comfortable.

1990 - 2017

The history of Technogel began in 1990 with the company Royal Medica. At the time, Bayer Material Science used the gel for a limited production of anti-decubitus pads for stationary long-term patients. Due to the high demand, the product range was extended by a complete range. After the success it was decided in 1997 to extend the application area to comfort products in the furniture sector. The company started producing seat cushions, armrests and ergonomic accessories for computers. In the year 1998 Royal Medica founded the joint venture Technogel with the Otto Bock company group.


Technogel Germany GmbH

Our production location in Germany specializes in manufacturing products for the office furniture industry, medical devices, shoes, and consumer goods.

Technogel Italia S.r.l.

Our production location in Italy specializes in the production of Technogel branded mattresses, pillows and living products.

Technogel U.S., Inc

Our sales office location in the US supports all projects in North and South America as well as in Canada.