The beginning

Погледнете надолу, за да научите повече за нашата патентована гел технолгоия.

From 1990

25 years of innovation

Thanks to 25 years of innovative German engineering and Italian design, we’ve created something truly exciting — the next wave in ergonomics. And it all began with an unusual cand one man’s dream…

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Amazingly, Technogel won’t harden or age over time. It keeps its elastic and mechanical properties. Why? This innovative substance is totally free from volatile agents. Its components can’t split free or migrate, so it doesn’t break down. In fact, tests have demonstrated that Technogel is able to withstand more than 300.000 pressure cycles without deformation that may affect its performance. Now that’s lasting comfort!


3D deformation

Unlike foam, Technogel deforms in all three directions (up/down, right/left, etc), molding itself to your physical structure and distributing pressure evenly over the entire contact surface. This substantially reduces pressure peaks, leading to an improvement in blood circulation. Tests performed internally have demonstrated the difference in pressure distribution between a standard foam mattress and a mattress created with a Technogel layer over the same standard foam. Feeling is believing!

3D deformation


What’s really cool about Technogel? Thanks to its high thermal conductivity, it can lower your body temperature at points of contact by as much as 4.0°F. More than foams, Technogel transports and disperses your body’s heat and moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable. Here’s more good news. According to scientific studies, a decrease in skin temperature reduces the demand for oxygen from your tissues, offering noticeable benefits precisely where there’s poor circulation due to pressure. Sleep centers around the world have also reported the relationship between temperature and high sleep efficiency. The more comfortable your body temperature, the more deeply you sleep.



How do you know when you’ve created the optimal mattress for supporting the body? You put it to the test. That’s exactly what we did – several times -- at the Ergonomie Institut of Munich in Germany.

We wanted to find out how well a Technogel mattress supported the spinal column when sleepers were lying on their backs or sides. We also wanted to test its pressure reducing effects and different elastic properties. At the Institut, we tested:

  • Simple elastic properties of the mattress
  • Spring elasticity
  • Localized elasticity
  • Combined elastic properties of the mattress, in combination with the bed base
  • Shoulder zone effect
  • Body zone support
  • Different body types

And the results? These ergonomic tests substantiated the high potential of Technogel mattresses in regard to biomechanical-elastic functions, receiving a rating of “Excellent” (scoring 1.4 – 1.3) for every simulated size group of persons (small, medium, large; mannequins used to obtain homogeneous results). Less than 5% of other mattress brands tested at the Ergonomie Institut of Munich can claim similarly optimal results!


Sleep tests

It’s easy to talk about the restorative, rejuvenating quality of Technogel mattresses. But we wanted to prove it. To learn how a night’s sleep on Technogel® compares to a standard foam one, we had tests conducted at “Le Molinette” sleep center in Turin, Italy.

Healthy volunteers were studied by in-laboratory video-polysomnography (PSG) in a double-blind crossover test that randomly alternated nights of sleep on a standard foam-based mattress with sleep on the same foam-based mattress enhanced by the addition of Technogel®. And here’s what we found out:

  • When volunteers slept on the Technogel-enhanced mattress, a statistically significant increase of up to 45% was observed in time spent in deep sleep (stages 3 and 4).
  • Volunteers spent up to 33% less time in stage 1 (falling asleep) and also wake after sleep onset (WASO).
  • Skin and mattress temperatures were lower and subjective bed comfort was rated higher.

Overall, sleep tests show that, when compared to foam mattresses, Technogel mattresses improve sleep quality by increasing total sleep time and the time spent in deep sleep, as well as through the natural thermal regulation the gel provides. Check out the power of Technogel and enjoy the rest, it’s extraordinary.

Sleep tests




The first applications for Technogel were in the medical industry. In fact, founder Massimo Losio was inspired by the gel’s possibilities while searching for a better way to make a handicapped friend more comfortable.



Quality relaxation is important to good health and fitness. Technogel has been improving the wellbeing of active people for more than two decades with the transformative comfort of our patented “soft solid.”



Many of today’s seats and armrests are more comfortable than ever, thanks to the use of Technogel by several seating manufacturers.


The office

Spending most of your days working in an office doesn’t have to be exhausting and uncomfortable, thanks to the relaxing, cooling benefits of Technogel.



Walking is something we do every day, and Technogel steps up to the task of making it more comfortable. Our gel’s adaptable yet stable characteristics are ideal for providing cushioned support in footwear.



Technogel inspires creativity – even in artists, who are using this unusual material as a “blank canvas” for fascinating creations.


The bath

Soaking in a tub or taking a warm shower are more relaxing and rejuvenating with the comfortable touch of Technogel. This unique “soft-solid” gives any bathroom a luxurious, spa-like feeling.



Engineers and industrial manufacturers everywhere are taking advantage of the valuable and unique benefits of Technogel.


Architecture and design

Technogel is inspiring architects and designers with its unique aesthetic and physical properties.



Not all bling is gemstones and metals. Jewelry designers are using Technogel to create playful adornments that are luxurious, as well as fun to see and touch.


Prototype cars

Automobile designers and manufacturers are creating car interiors that are luxuriously comfortable and more stylish, thanks to the powers of Technogel.


The pillows

While Technogel continues to add value in a range of industries, the introduction of our first branded line of products, Technogel Sleeping, has revolutionized nights (and days!) with its rejuvenating benefits.


The mattresses

Technogel was first used to prevent sores for patients confined to bed for long periods of time. With a small leap of the imagination, inventors envisioned how this innovative material could bring similar relief to everyone’s nightly rest.



For commuters, jet setters, travelers and even sports fans who spend long hours on the bleachers, Technogel’s travel collection offers comfortable, cool, cushioned support that drives away those achy, rundown feelings.

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